At Futurion, we’re extremely proud to call ourselves Partners with MediaKind.

For a little more than three years now, Futurion have successfully worked alongside MediaKind and their customers to deploy industry leading media solutions for the MediaKind portfolio of products.

Pivotal to the success of our joint engagements is that at Futurion we have a foundation of deep technical knowledge and experience ranging from architectural design, system integration, customized solutions and support services.  Layered above these core skillsets is the expert level understanding of the MediaKind product suite and the core infrastructure technologies leveraged by Enterprise Customers and IT departments worldwide.

Futurion takes pride not just in our agility, flexibility and drive to tackle any problem, but more importantly our never-ending desire to make our customers a success in their marketplace.  We are very excited about the future and our enduring partnership with MediaKind.  Together with best-in-class technologies and Futurion’s willingness to go above and beyond the needs of our customer’s, we feel the future is bright.

Please feel free to reach out and discuss your next project and see how we can be your trusted partner in achieving your next goal.

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Our Team

  • Fefe

    Fellegi István


I have spent more than 20 years in the IT industry as an engineer. I worked always on the service provider side. I climbed the career ladder: from desktop support and hardware maintenance to planning, building and supporting complex IT infrastructures.  

In 2008, after more than 10-year technical work, I started with technical leadership and managing project in a CTO position at the company. For seven years the focus of my work was building a strong delivery team which provides IT services to our customers on a high level of quality. 

Since the August of 2015 I have been the Chief Executive Officer at the company. 

In 2017 we started to work on a new territory namely the Media. We became an integration partner of MediaKind which provides IPTV platforms to huge media providers all over the world. This new profit center became one of our strongest pillar since then. We built a very strong team of experts and fulfilled a lot of successful integration projects at big national telco organization like Deutsche Telekom and affiliates, VEON Russia, Vodafone Qatar. 

  • Takács_János_Futurion_Mediakind

    Takács János

    Chief Solution Architect

I’m a very energetic architect and team lead with stable technical background and a passion of technology. I love when there are no black spots, and really admire when we can build something bottom up on stable ground. Obsessed with problem solving and new stuff (it was then assembly and C64 and music samplers) since the childhood (90’s). I feel grateful that I could try enterprise support, consultancy, architecting and team leadership in various roles for 13 years at MS. Lately (10 years now) I’m focusing on Media backends and related stuff. On the personal I’m really open and believe in cooperation rather than directive leading. This is still on the go, as it world is just changing now. I believe in future and I am passionate about it

  • Sztana Gergő_Futurion_Mediakind

    Sztana Gergő

    Data solution architect

I come from operation suport aimed to work on large enterprise environments where I got focued onMS SQL server, Hyper-V, SCCM and many other Microsoft products. In the recent years I worked a lot with Mediaroom customers and also custom datawarehouse solutions. I have experiences with surveying exisiting solutions, planning and implementing complex SQL and other server arhitectures, and managing and implementing database processes. I’m the BI and SQL guy 😉

  • Geri

    Kiss Gergely

    software developer

I’m Gergely Kiss, software developer and solution integrator. I’ve started my career as an intern back in 2013. In my early days I’ve developed Java EE applications for a CFM system and front-end applications. After that I’ve tasted various technologies like .NET, PowerShell and Python. I’ve worked as a SharePoint developer for some time.

I met MediaRoom in 2016, started to work on integrating some devops support tools that manages the platform, the subscribers, helps the on-site operator engineers with their daily batch jobs. Since last year I’m working with MediaFirst team to support them. 

I’m familiar with Linux and bash scripting, automating stuff in PowerShell, databases like MSSQL, Postgres and MySQL. As my hobby I’m tinkering with IoT and scripting in bash, Python and PowerShell, automating the boring stuff. 

  • Ildi


    Project Coordinator

I have spent more than 5 years in the IT industry as a project coordinator. This position requires demanding, precise and insightful skills which are indispensable. 

I have been responsible for the presales and delivery phases of various projects’. I am proud to work with this successful team. Our common aim has always been to make satisfied clients who decides to work with us again in a next project. 

  • Levi

    Bartók Levente

    Solution Architect

I’m an IT Infrastructure Engineer, working with Microsoft Server solutions since 2010.
I started to work on Mediaroom solution in 2012, as a consultant at Microsoft Hungary. I was involved in several Mediaroom upgrade projects’ architecture and upgrade planning and end to end implementation. For a few years I was a consultant engineer for system integrations and daily operational works at one of our Mediaroom customers. 

After 3 years detour in the financial sector,in 2018 I moved back to the Media sector, working on various Mediaroom 3.0 upgrade and system integration projects. 

  • Tóth Sándor_Futurion_Mediakind

    Tóth Sándor

    Service Delivery Manager

Between 2002 and 2018 I worked at Microsoft in different roles. I started as a Technical Account Manager for Small and Medium Business Accounts. Later I took the Rapid Response Engineer for Platform Technologies. After that I worked in Microsoft Services as a Service Delivery Manager for Enterprise Accounts and Mediaroom in Hungary and Montenegro.  Finally, I became an Enterprise Architect / Digital Advisor. Based on these roles I have work experiences in Enterprise Product Support and Operations, Strategic Advisory and Sales Support area. 

  • Norbi

    Dombi Norbert

    Solution Architect

I have been working for IT service provider companies for 13 years. My tasks varied from desktop support to infrastructure designing at various sizes of companies from small and medium to enterprise customers. During the years I have collected experience in the field of infrastructure planning and operation. 

As one of my projects, I got acquainted with MediaRoom IPTV system in 2012. I have been participating all major MediaRoom upgrades at Magyar, Slovak, Makedonski and Cnogorski Telekoms since then. Through time IPTV became from a part time project to my full time activity, so I am looking forward to see the next steps of media streaming technologies. 

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    1086 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán Krt. 76

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